[theme-reviewers] Open Ticket Queue

Lance Willett nanobar at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 03:25:49 UTC 2010

>>> - as Philip suggested, can we revise the automated script, to check for
>>> more criteria? (I would think that grepping for all/most of the functions/hooks
>> would bea  good candidate for such a script?)
>> ..That ..would..be .. awesome.  just checking for body_class  would have
>> cleared off 1/2 of the themes that were uploaded, imagine if we did a full
>> load of required greps on it, like post_class and automatic-feed-links in
>> the add_theme_support WITH HUGE BIG WARNINGS to the end user that they need
>> to read the proper documentation.
> So I suppose that's a question for Lance: is this possible?

Joseph would be responsible for any code changes to the uploader
(looks like Nacin already mentioned that). Not sure how long ago the
uploader was updated, but it'd be awesome to get more automatic checks
in there.

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