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Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Sun Aug 15 01:11:05 UTC 2010

On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 6:59 PM, Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) <philip at frumph.net
> wrote:

>  We know that the overall goal is a tact time of one day per ticket. We
>> seem to
> be getting about 10 new tickets per day.
> Most of them are resubmits.

That's a good reminder, also, to check for subsequent/previous tickets when
starting a review.

>  How many active theme reviewers do we have? If we knew that, we could
>> figure
> out the average work load.
> 1.  Cais.  Everyone else does what they can when they can, but when i'm
> able I can punch out a whole slew.

That will be a problem, then. I honestly think that, to do a Theme review
justice, I can only commit to 3-4 per week. We need more than 3 active Theme
reviewers. I know several more have variously responded to the email list,
so I would imagine that the actual number is a bit higher.

>  Also, is there any way that we can expedite the process?
> Let us reject themes on notices/deprecated/warnings right off the bat.
> If there is important fails like missing theme supports, reject right away
> and move on.
I'm not sure that helps either us or the Theme developers. I'd rather find
as many things wrong with the Theme in one review, rather than review once
for deprecated calls, fail it, have it show up revised in the queue, then
review it for everything else, fail it, have it show up revised in the queue
again, then hopefully review it for a final time.

>  - as Philip suggested, can we revise the automated script, to check for
>> more
> criteria? (I would think that grepping for all/most of the functions/hooks
> would bea  good candidate for such a script?)
> ..That ..would..be .. awesome.  just checking for body_class  would have
> cleared off 1/2 of the themes that were uploaded, imagine if we did a full
> load of required greps on it, like post_class and automatic-feed-links in
> the add_theme_support WITH HUGE BIG WARNINGS to the end user that they need
> to read the proper documentation.

So I suppose that's a question for Lance: is this possible?

>  Any other ideas?
> Up to date theme developement page and better more bold expressive wording
> on the upload them page in the extend/themes
I'd like to take another look at what we've put together, too. When we first
started revising the Codex pages, I was envisioning a single-page,
single-pass, checklist-format resource to use for reviewing Themes (and also
for developers to use before submitting). As it ended up, information is
spread out in three different places, which does not facilitate expedient
Theme reviews.

>  I just went in and grabbed four Themes, more-or-less evenly spaced out in
>> the
> open ticket queue.  Perhaps others could do the same? That (or responding
> to
> this email) might give an idea of how many active reviewers we have right
> now.
> Cais is having us start at the top, first uploaded first reviewed, to keep
> a fairness to it, if a newer upload is uploaded of that theme, and the end
> user makes a note to check the newer in the old, do all of that theme w/new
> one.
> I know . :)

I was rather hoping that the other Theme reviewers would assign to
themselves the ones in-between, so that by the time I got to the second one
I assigned to myself, the rest would be assigned. I could have just taken
the first four, but while you and Cais have been doing yeoman's work in
clearing the queue, the effort really needs to be more distributed, so more
people are sharing the load. So, nobody should ever have to take four Themes
in a row in the queue.

Of course, if I finish my first review, I'll take the next unassigned one in
the queue. I'll just hold the others in reserve.

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