[wp-hackers] Help with ratings plugin

eleanor kruszewski eleanor at proteanstrategy.com
Tue Dec 21 22:03:31 UTC 2004

Hi there,
I just found this, and this seems much more the place for my questions, 
and for me to learn about what you are doing as well.
I'm using wordpress to get a group of people involved with my blog.  I 
blog, they consume, and sometimes comment.
I want to add ratings functionality, but cannot make the plugin work 
right.  Right now I don't even know what I expect to see - how the 
rating is supposed to be done (maybe it is like at thefeature.com with 
their bar?)
Here's the post I made to the support forum 
but I'm hoping I can get a quicker answer here.

 > OK guys - so the Wiki is a great store , but it doesn't allow for 
troubleshooting comments and whatnot.
 >I cannot get the user-ratings element of this plugin to work. And, 
what's more - it doesn't look like it's working on the test page 
provided by the author at the >end of the Complicated Install documentation:
 >   " The index.php and wp-layout.css on 
http://www.scottheavner.com/wordpress are configured to work as both 
author and reader."
 >I see no facility here in the code for readers to rate the posts and 
to trigger the submission of a rating. What is this code supposed to 
display on the page to >allow rating? A clickable continuum or choices? 
Is there some problem with my choice of number display? Do you have to 
use the progressbars?


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