[wp-hackers] When is 1.3 going public?

Chris Coggburn chris at coggburn.us
Wed Dec 8 05:27:50 UTC 2004

Kitty wrote:

>On Mon, 2004-12-06 at 12:31, Robert Deaton wrote:
>>Hey Kitten, feel like organizing it again, I'm sure the devs would go for it.
>Sure, I like the bug bounty idea too. But need a more secure place than
>the wiki to keep that info. I could make a sticky post on my devblog, or
>someplace that was acceptable to y'all.
>Should most likely plan it for early January, because of the holidays,
>we'd want some lead time.
Now, what makes you think that wiki's are not secure? Any changes ever 
made to the wiki page would be logged and could be reverted or merged at 
any time.

Christopher Coggburn

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