[wp-hackers] When is 1.3 going public?

Stephen Cropp steve at de-generationx.net
Mon Dec 6 21:26:44 UTC 2004

Thiago Becker wrote:

>I sugest another patch day before WP 1.3 goes public. So we can fix
>some issues on mosquito.
Why do we need a patch day for people to chip in and just start squashing bugs in mosquito? Why not just get stuck in and do it anyway?

Unfortunately, even squashing all known bugs isn't going to have 1.3 feature complete. As has been pointed out, if you look at the intended feature set for 1.3, its still a very long way from being complete.

The program is still in Alpha folks. That alone says a lot. Whats the rush? Might I suggest that before people even start contemplating trying to get 1.3 out the door so early, people volunteer their time to squash bugs in 1.2.1 which is in far more urgent need of it, being the current stable release and all.

Patch day? Nah... Every day is a patch day. Its just up to us to motivate ourselves to participate. Not Kitten or Matt or anyone else.

Just my $0.02.

aka Korgan

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