[wp-hackers] RE: slow posting..

Donncha O Caoimh donncha at linux.ie
Tue Dec 7 11:18:15 UTC 2004

Adding enclosures to posts shouldn't slow things down much - I issue a 
HEAD request for the linked media file and close the connection after I 
receive two carriage returns. That way it doesn't matter if keep alives 
are on or not. We could do the same with the 
discover_pingback_server_uri function perhaps? I haven't looked at that 
code yet but it seems like a good bet for speeding things up!


Adi Sieker wrote:
> Has this missed peoples attention or isn't interesting or
> am I totally off my head? :))
> Regards
>     Adi
> Adi Sieker wrote:
>> Hi,>> for HTTP 1.1 which is causing fgets to block until a timeout.
>> Using HTTP 1.0 in the request won't cause the webserver to use 
>> keepalive and everything
>> speeds. To sum it up:
>> 1. You need an url in the post.
>> 2. The contents of the file the url points to needs to be smaller than 
>> 2048 bytes.
>> 3. The webserver the url points to needs to use keepalive per default 
>> for HTTP 1.1 connections.

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