[wp-hackers] RE: slow posting..

Adi Sieker ml at sieker.info
Tue Dec 7 11:10:36 UTC 2004

Has this missed peoples attention or isn't interesting or
am I totally off my head? :))


Adi Sieker wrote:
> Hi,
> Ryan Duff wrote:
>> Now it seems to have resurfaced with the new enclosure feature. Is 
>> anybody
>> working on this, or is it something one of us should go back and take 
>> a look
>> at?
> I had a look at this and found the following problem.
> In discover_pingback_server_uri a connection is made to a server, if for 
> instance
> a URL is in the post. fgets is used to retrieve the data from the 
> server. Now
> fgets seems to block when you read to the end of the file. The cause for 
> the block is
> that WP is requesting the data using HTTP 1.1 and some webservers use 
> the keepalive feature
> for HTTP 1.1 which is causing fgets to block until a timeout.
> Using HTTP 1.0 in the request won't cause the webserver to use keepalive 
> and everything
> speeds. To sum it up:
> 1. You need an url in the post.
> 2. The contents of the file the url points to needs to be smaller than 
> 2048 bytes.
> 3. The webserver the url points to needs to use keepalive per default 
> for HTTP 1.1 connections.
> If all of the above conditions are met posts will take about 12-15 
> seconds to save.
> Regards
>     Adi

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