[wp-hackers] RE: slow posting..

Adi Sieker ml at sieker.info
Sat Dec 4 16:27:12 UTC 2004


Ryan Duff wrote:
> Now it seems to have resurfaced with the new enclosure feature. Is anybody
> working on this, or is it something one of us should go back and take a look
> at?
I had a look at this and found the following problem.
In discover_pingback_server_uri a connection is made to a server, if for instance
a URL is in the post. fgets is used to retrieve the data from the server. Now
fgets seems to block when you read to the end of the file. The cause for the block is
that WP is requesting the data using HTTP 1.1 and some webservers use the keepalive feature
for HTTP 1.1 which is causing fgets to block until a timeout.
Using HTTP 1.0 in the request won't cause the webserver to use keepalive and everything
speeds. To sum it up:
1. You need an url in the post.
2. The contents of the file the url points to needs to be smaller than 2048 bytes.
3. The webserver the url points to needs to use keepalive per default for HTTP 1.1 connections.

If all of the above conditions are met posts will take about 12-15 seconds to save.


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