[wp-hackers] When is 1.3 going public?

Thiago Becker thiago.becker at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 01:18:01 UTC 2004

Just the cookie for me is good. But if someone is willing to pay for
it, I can send my paypal account ^-^.

I agree with Torgan, but I like the idea of everyone joining a day to
squash bugs. A patch day is about cleaning up mosquito. There are many
many bugs and sugestions there unsolved and without feedback.

And about the intended features for WP 1.3, they are filed in
mosquito? I think they should, so it's easy to look for them, at least
for me. When I look for something to code in WP, I look there.

Thiago Rafael Becker
Computer Science Undergraduate
thiago.becker at gmail.com

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