[wp-hackers] When is 1.3 going public?

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Mon Dec 6 21:44:23 UTC 2004

Ideally, yes... every day would be patch day.  For some people (*<3* 
Ryan *<3*), it is.  But I think Patch Day was a good way to get a mass 
of people motivated.  It brings the bugs and the people who helped 
squash them into the lime light.  Trolling through Mosquito on a 
Saturday night by yourself is generally a thankless task, so anything 
that can make it seem a little more worthwhile is okay in my book.

Here's an idea: people who want to contribute, but aren't PHP-abled, 
could post bounties for their bug of choice.

Wanted: Dead or Alive Bug #XXX
Reward: $5.00, and a cookie

Stephen Cropp wrote:

> Patch day? Nah... Every day is a patch day. Its just up to us to 
> motivate ourselves to participate. Not Kitten or Matt or anyone else.
> Just my $0.02.

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