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#6784: Groups: Add Group Types
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Comment (by imath):

 Before i dive more in detailed into @mamaduka 's very promising patch.

 I hardly see the difference between a Group Type and a Group Tag, reason
 of my first comment to this ticket. But i like the idea of using the
 "Type" terminology. So i'm fine with it, but maybe we could define what we
 expect a Group Type to be, if it's not a tag :)

 Is it a hierarchical taxonomy ? I guess some users could be interested to
 "tidy" groups according to a type and a "subtype" for instance.

 Point 3 of Boone's latest comment is very important i think: the big
 question about "Group Types" is: Is it a taxonomy only the Super Admin can
 control or is it a taxonomy each group admins can control ?

 imho: every Super Admins should be able to decide whether to allow group
 admins to add new group types and/or simply use existing ones. Can a group
 admin choose more than one type for his group ?

 At first sight "Groups" functions are looking like "Members" ones, is
 there any interest of having a more generic API members and groups (and
 why not blogs one of this days!) could use ?

 Quickly saw a "has_directory" stuff in the patch, i guess just like
 members this is requiring a kind of dynamic "forbidden name" to avoid slug
 collision with a group name and probably some adjustments inside
 `BP_Groups_Component->setup_globals()` method..

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