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#6784: Groups: Add Group Types
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Thanks for getting this started, Mamaduka! Initial thoughts.

 * Can we work on function naming? I would prefer not to introduce any new
 functions with the prefix `groups_`. For the sake of parity with member
 type functions, I suggest `bp_register_group_type()`,
 `bp_get_group_types()`, etc. I know that this means ditching the
 `bp_groups_` prefix, but I think that the consistency with member types
 (and WP core functions) is more important.
 * The idea behind `groups_type_exists()` is a little dangerous, IMO. If
 someone passes bad data into `groups_set_type()`, I think we should tell
 them about it rather than just eliminating the bad data.
 `bp_set_member_type()` only allows for a single member type, and returns
 false when it's not found, which is at least *some* feedback. If we want
 to have a multi-set method, we should have more fine-grained error-
 reporting - or maybe we should just return false if *any* of the supplied
 types don't exist.
 * In the case of member types, when BP detects that types have been
 registered, UI appears so that admins can set a member's type. What is our
 position regarding UI for group types? The situation is a bit more
 complicated than with member types: I think that in the majority of cases,
 site admins should be the only one messing with member types, but in the
 case of groups, you may sometimes want group admins to have control over
 it. I definitely think we should have some wp-admin UI as part of the
 first revision, but should we also put something into front-end group

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