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#6784: Groups: Add Group Types
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > I hardly see the difference between a Group Type and a Group Tag, reason
 of my first comment to this ticket. But i like the idea of using the
 "Type" terminology. So i'm fine with it, but maybe we could define what we
 expect a Group Type to be, if it's not a tag :)

 Technically, there's probably little (or no) difference. But I see a huge
 difference in the way they're used, which probably translates to a
 difference in the UX. Group Tags are folksonomical ways for group admins
 to describe their groups. Their primary purpose is discovery: if I see a
 group I like, and the group is tagged 'wordpress', I can easily find
 related groups. Groups are likely to have many tags.

 In contrast, Group Types are an organizational tool, and in many (most?)
 cases should not be changed by group admins. Groups will generally have a
 single type. Types could be used in template hierarchies, or to define
 different URL schemes, or in nav menus (top-level Groups with a child nav
 item for each Type).

 Think about post types and post tags. WordPress stores them differently,
 of course, but they *could* be stored the same way. Yet they're very
 different in terms of intended use.

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