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#7157: UI to pick Template Packs
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Comment (by johnjamesjacoby):

 I agree that for this first pass, not having an "Upload" UI does make
 sense. This first step is introducing the concept visually, and maybe next
 steps once there are more than a few packs available, will be to allow for
 some kind of easier interface for "installing" them (which is really just
 uploading and activating a plugin.)

 > But I think it's overkill, and not very transparent for third-party
 developers, to have to follow a specific standard for directory naming in
 order to have their theme templates recognized

 This is more indicative of a shortcoming of how WordPress's template
 hierarchy works, than it is about how BuddyPress needs to work.

 > An explicit function for registering a template pack seems best. I see
 that the function bp_register_theme_package() is called in 7157.patch​,
 but is not defined there - is the patch incomplete? In any case, a
 function like this seems like a much more straightforward way to have
 plugins declare that they contain a template pack

 `bp_register_theme_package()` is already a core function, but it also just
 uses the `BP_Theme_Compat` class which was purposely ambiguous and
 terrible so we could narrow what it needed and would be later.

 > What's the best practice for themes that come with a complete set of BP
 templates? Should they be registering template packs?

 Good question. It's ultimately up to theme author to decide if they are
 owning the entire experience without fallbacks, or if they are introducing
 a template pack that fits into a stack of template locations to look for.
 I think the smart default is for themes to not announce themselves as
 template packs, and for template packs to only come in plugin form.

 > The picker UI seems fine for a first pass.

 100% in agreement. <3

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