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#7157: UI to pick Template Packs
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > I really do not see the need to let people upload these templates. As I
 said before, a plugin is a simple way to achieve distribution and
 maintenance/updates (along with all the other benefits of being a plugin).

 I think I agree with this. A plugin seems more straightforward, especially
 since the construction of an entire template pack is a large task that few
 are going to do in practice.

 Regarding "location" registration: I think it's fine to have a standard
 location in `buddypress/bp-templates` for our packaged templates. But I
 think it's overkill, and not very transparent for third-party developers,
 to have to follow a specific standard for directory naming in order to
 have their theme templates recognized. An explicit function for
 registering a template pack seems best. I see that the function
 `bp_register_theme_package()` is called in [attachment:7157.patch], but is
 not defined there - is the patch incomplete? In any case, a function like
 this seems like a much more straightforward way to have plugins declare
 that they contain a template pack.

 What's the best practice for themes that come with a complete set of BP
 templates? Should they be registering template packs? If you're running
 bp-nouveau TP with twentysixteen, but then you switch to a theme that
 contains a complete `/buddypress/` directory (which is a TP, except it's
 not "registered"), what should happen? This is related to the question
 that @Offereins asks above.

 The picker UI seems fine for a first pass. If we start shipping multiple
 template packs, it'd be  nice for the picker to be a bit more visual -
 maybe something closer to the WP theme picker experience, with large

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