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#7157: UI to pick Template Packs
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Comment (by hnla):

 > What's the best practice for themes that come with a complete set of BP
 templates? Should they be registering template packs?

 >> Good question. It's ultimately up to theme author to decide if they are
 owning the entire experience without fallbacks, or if they are introducing
 a template pack that fits into a stack of template locations to look for.
 I think the smart default is for themes to not announce themselves as
 template packs, and for template packs to only come in plugin form.

 I would agree here, the distinction is template packs would tend to be
 user (non coder) focussed and as such a plugin makes sense. A theme ( or
 as I prefer to see things a developer and custom site build) that has
 opted to provide support for BP would by almost default override all files
 to the site themes directory and thereafter provide all the necessary
 cuastom styles & manipulating the theme_compat class if necessary too.

 > If you're running bp-nouveau TP with twentysixteen, but then you switch
 to a theme that contains a complete /buddypress/ directory (which is a TP,
 except it's not "registered"), what should happen?

 The user deactivate the TP plugin? In an automagic sense though perhaps we
 need to only allow TP to activate in a theme that hasn't overloaded
 template files or instantiated a new theme_compat class, perform some of
 the checks that core does to establish what a sites files are doing. So
 switching to a theme already handling BP files would cause any activated
 TP to deactivate, if the next question is how does the user grasp what's
 happening it's no different to a plugin notice of deactivation, hopefully
 the theme would be making it clear it provides it's own BP experience that
 overrides any TP activated.

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