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#6124: Twentyfifteen BP Companion Stylesheet
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Comment (by hnla):

 So to progress I think we need to ratify the following:

 * '''WP Theme support'''

 > Yes, I'd say we should go with this strategy. Twenty Fifteen would be
 the first priority. We'd only ship a theme's companion stylesheet in a
 version if we thought it was ready.

 This would be my view as well. We can then work on previous themes as and
 when people are wiiling and available to take on as a mini project.

 * '''Stylesheet inclusion process & sheets'''

 I think r-a-y's patch pretty much covers requirements here. We check on
 theme activated and include our stylesheet twentythirteen.css

 I considered whether we ought to maybe have some form of user selection,
 but it made little sense in view of the fact that these new theme specific
 styles are intended to be working to harmonize BP elements with the WP
 theme activated then they would be included by default, for those wishing
 to further customize the look of their site/theme they can still work with
 the principles in place to overload any BP template specific file to the

 > I'd lean toward the former, as it'll mean a lot less repetition
 throughout the stylesheets,

 I agree, Sheets will be as complimentary to BP default stylesheet, we have
 run trough the process of reducing as many design elements in the default
 sheet in previous iterations and in the last release we reviewed font
 sizing so our stylesheet is pretty lean and a pretty good foundation to
 build design themes/styles on, I did consider the notion of perhaps
 breaking out our default to individual parts as an interesting approach
 but when I thought it through it felt as though we would be creating a
 fair amount of work to do for not a huge gain and not the simplest process
 to identify the rulesets that would exist in those new module sheets.

 If we agree these points then we can start to accept sheets for
 consideration and testing?

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