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#6124: Twentyfifteen BP Companion Stylesheet
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Comment (by Prometheus Fire):

 I started doing some work on 2015. It is interesting how many little
 problems there are throughout all of it. On every page, I notice something
 that doesn't quite work right out of the box.

 Here is kind of a first pass at getting the navigation to work. When
 designing a new BP site in any theme, I always find this the hardest to
 style in terms of decision making and how it should look.


 Anyhow, I would strongly recommend that we keep this ticket as a
 discussion only for the theming of 2015 and open a new ticket for the
 overall technical/theoretical discussion, otherwise this ticket is going
 to be full of talk about design decisions in addition to the theoretical
 and technical stuff about how to deploy it into BP.

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