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#6124: Twentyfifteen BP Companion Stylesheet
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 All of the above sounds great to me. In this context, I interpret
 "aggressively" as meaning that we don't have to worry about having a
 minimal amount of CSS, or making the CSS have a minimal effect beyond the
 bare minimum, as we do in the case of bp-legacy.

 > 1/ How many WP themes we would support, all? All as an ongoing process
 working back from latest/current WP theme?

 Yes, I'd say we should go with this strategy. Twenty Fifteen would be the
 first priority. We'd only ship a theme's companion stylesheet in a version
 if we thought it was ready.

 > 2/ Do we follow the principle of supporting sheets complimenting our
 primary stylesheet or detect theme and swap out/in a new sheet for
 specific theme

 I'd lean toward the former, as it'll mean a lot less repetition throughout
 the stylesheets, leading to easier maintenance. If it would help to break
 up bp-legacy stylesheets into smaller bits for this purpose (then joined
 using a build process?), I'd be supportive of that (I guess this would
 suggest your latter alternative, but without the repetition in core

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