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#6124: Twentyfifteen BP Companion Stylesheet
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Comment (by hnla):

 @Prometheus Fire That be great if you're willing to help out with theme
 specific supporting/complementary sheets.

 I too agree to an extent that we have the opportunity to fashion BP to
 look at it's best with the WP themes as I mention in my closing paragraph
 on the ticket:

 ''Moving forward we might consider this approach for all future themes in
 the Twenty* family as it allows / affords us the opportunity to showcase
 BP at it's best for the main WP themes''

 I'm not a fan, though, of the phrase aggressively :); these complimentary
 styles should be subtle and aim to bring elements of BP component display
 into parity with the WP themes handling of similar elements i.e comment
 forms etc so the BP elements look as though they are a seamless part of
 the theme, much as you say in your last paragraph.

 The original intent of this ticket was and is to ensure that we do address
 those WP themes that do present layout issues as we saw with twentyfifteen
 and that we have an agreed programatic approach to calling these
 complimentary sheets or overloading stylesheets if a given theme is
 detected, a process that may pose it's own issues requiring solutions; if
 we can take this notion of ensuring we present well with  the WP themes
 and extend that to really working well with that theme, it'll be great.

 I  suggest we have a few things to think about:

 1/ How many WP themes we would support, all? All as an ongoing process
 working back from latest/current WP theme?

 2/ Do we follow the principle of supporting sheets complimenting our
 primary stylesheet or detect theme and swap out/in a new sheet for
 specific theme

 3/ If sites already have layouts and styles based on a stock WP theme and
 BP what if any impact would a newly introduced set of styles have and if
 having a potential detrimental effect what, if any, measures can we have
 in place to mitigate that.

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