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#6124: Twentyfifteen BP Companion Stylesheet
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Comment (by Prometheus Fire):

 I heard this was on the roadmap when @jjj mentioned in the WordSesh talk
 so I came to track this down. This is a part of BP that I can actually
 contribute work on!

 I'm going chime in here in support of @djpaul's suggestion that the theme-
 specific styles should look amazing, as opposed to just fixing the layouts
 so they work.

 This is something wanting to do anyhow, and I'm going to look toward
 making a contribution here in the coming weeks. The argument for
 aggressive design here is that the days of BP Default are behind us and it
 is important to showcase how good BP can be. It really should have unique
 styles that integrate nicely with the existing elements of each default
 theme. Each of the themes here (the twentys) has some unique challenges
 that would interesting to take on.

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