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#6026: And if the Blogs component had Single items?
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Comment (by imath):

 Thanks a lot Bowe for your feedback.

 What gave birth to this patch ?
 During last dev-chat we were looking for the best place to let people
 having a site on a network set a logo for their site using the new avatar
 UI. In #192, the user profiles is suggested, i was more thinking about a
 place in the WordPress administration like the general options where you
 have the site title and name.. But i like the idea of having a specific
 BuddyPress place to deal with that. Group & User avatars are mainly set on
 front end, why not doing the same for sites? Having this specific area can
 be interesting in the future to add specific BuddyPress settings for each
 blog for instance.

 A subscriber is a subscriber. What does a subscriber get in WordPress,
 does he receive email notifications.. natively. No. But plugins can extend
 WordPress to add such features. I think about this blog single item
 feature like something that could be extended in the future. The idea is
 to provide the house first :)

 But i agree, if we are to have this in, we could quickly provide new tabs
 in the user's activity or directory to filter the stream for the blog he
 subscribed to. All your suggestions are interesting.

 How a member can become a subscriber of a blog in a network ? He can't, he
 needs to be added by a Super Admin. Even the regular blog admin cannot add
 a user to his site (he can remove some - it makes me think we should add a
 button to let the admin remove a user from his site from the front
 end...). I think it can be interesting to give the opportunity to users
 who like a blog to subscribe so that they show their interest. Once there,
 it seems a natural place to imagine plugins provide workflow / guest
 posting... / Posting on a given category.. all this from the front end :)

 What is the future of Blogs component, now that we are progressively
 moving some tracking features into the Activity one ?
 The patch is not adding all the features i imagined with the plugin i've
 started to work on. I've tried to do a little step. Providing a unique
 place where you can get all the site's activities. Simply seeing who's
 joined a site, displaying the members of this site on front end is
 something WordPress doesn't provide. If i see someone who joined a site in
 the activity stream it can give me the idea to discover the blog...
 In a near future, we can imagine to open the activity post form so that
 subscribers and contributors can talk about the blog, give their general
 feedback... :)

 It's not Groups Vs Sites, it's giving the user a lot more choices :)
 1/ This feature is a network only one.
 2/ As said in my previous comment, using this filter `add_filter(
 'bp_blogs_disable_single_items', '__return_true' );` you completely
 disable it. (if the filter is not user friendly, we can imagine an
 3/ On a network people can prefer to not activate the groups component,
 not activate the blogs one, activate both .. They're free to choose their
 way :)

 Thanks you very much for your ideas and questions it gave me new ones and
 answers :)

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