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#6026: And if the Blogs component had Single items?
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Comment (by Bowromir):

 I'm really excited to see this take shape.. Amazing work Mathieu! Some

 '''What does it mean for a user to be subscribed?'''
 Would subscribing to a blog mean they would get the role of Subscriber as
 defined by WordPress? Would they receive emails for new posts? Or would
 they receive new blog items in their activity newsfeed? Or is it a admin
 defined mixture of any of these things? Or maybe they are just listed a
 Subscribers on the single Site page? So what I'm trying to say is.. How
 can we make it clear to the user what it means to subscribe to a site and
 which options should be provided for subscribers to be notified of new
 content. For example:

 "By subscribing to this site you will be notified of new content published
 on this site."

 '''User clicks on the "Subscribe" button'''
 *Radio buttons appear with Javascript*

 You are now subscribed to "JJJ his Amazing Site"! You will now see "JJJ"
 his new content appear in your Activity newsfeed.

 More notification options:
 [   ] Sent me an email when "JJJ" publishes new content
 [   ] Sent me a Notification when "JJJ" publishes new content

 Note: You can change the notification settings for any of your subscribed
 sites by going to your "My Subscribed Sites" page.

 '''Groups vs Sites'''
 I mentioned before that I think there's also a potential for people to get
 confused about Groups vs Sites if too much functionality is overlapping
 and the templates are pretty much identical. I can imagine that some
 communities would simply like to have a Site/Blog listing the way it
 currently stands.. Will this be possible?

 Thanks so much for all the amazing progress you made on this ticket imath

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