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#6026: And if the Blogs component had Single items?
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Comment (by imath):

 I had the opportunity to test 01.patch on some specific configs :
 - a network where WordPress is installed in a subdirectory
 - a network where BuddyPress is not installed network widely.

 I've found some issues on the way i'm getting the blogs slugs. So
 6026.02.patch is first fixing these.

 Then, @bowromir's latest comment made me think of various possible
 improvements :
 1. Subscribing to a blog now also means to view all subscribed blog
 activities from the "My Sites" tab of the activity directory or the one in
 the member's profile (Many thanks to @r-a-y for the great improvement
 introduced in 2.2 about activity scopes!)
 2. To make things more user friendly, i'm now including a new setting to
 let admins completely disable the blogs single items from the BuddyPress
 Administration settings screen
 3. When a blog is removed, i remove the corresponding avatar (maybe we
 should also do that for groups)
 4. I've added a new manage screen in the single blog item so that the
 administrator is able to remove subscribed users directly from front end.
 5. Added a bunch of hooks at key places
 6. Finally i'm adding notifications/emails to administrators in case a
 member joins their blog.

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