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#5421: Send Invites Creation/Send Behavior Confusing
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I'm working on an update for #5423 that will take care of the pagination

 As for one-step vs two-step. If we went to one-step, we'd have to do one
 of two things:

 a. Stop creating invites in the database on the AJAX call (after clicking
 a checkbox). Only create those invites when the form is submitted.
 b. Remove the Send Invites button. Create *and* send invitations
 immediately when clicking a checkbox.

 The problem with (b) is that it'll result in lots of people misclicking
 and sending invitations (and email notifications) mistakenly. I think it's
 good to require a form submit. So that leaves (a). But then we miss the
 ability to have a "draft" list - people you plan to invite, but haven't
 yet. Maybe that's not a big deal - what do you think?

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