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#5421: Send Invites Creation/Send Behavior Confusing
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Comment (by dcavins):

 I like the idea of two separate lists quite a bit. Then the "Send Invites"
 button would have some context. (At the moment, its function isn't obvious
 unless you're watching the database table while using the page.)

 However, that would complicate pagination, which is kind of important on
 my site (some of the larger groups have dozens of outstanding
 invitations.) Another option would be to add an `ORDER BY invite_sent`
 clause to pull the unsent invitations to the top of the list, set them off
 with a header, and add a "sent invitations" divider below. (Although then
 the "Send Invites" button loses its context again.) Are you imagining that
 both lists would be visible and page-through-able at once, or were you
 thinking of using tabs or similar and only showing one list at a time?

 Are we sure that the two-step creation/send process for invitations is
 necessary? It would be simplest if it were one step. :)

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