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#5421: Send Invites Creation/Send Behavior Confusing
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Comment (by dcavins):

 The "draft" or "proposed" invitations list actually kind of makes sense,
 and makes even more sense if the invitations list is visible to more than
 just the person who made the invitation. (Although then it kind of also
 makes sense to be able to confirm the invitations one at a time--you
 wouldn't want to have to remove many of the draft invitations before
 clicking "send" to invite a subset of the draft group.)

 If we went for single-step option 1, I think that the new users added to
 the list would have to be marked "not yet sent" or similar, and we'd need
 to have a confirmation dialog on leaving the page that the new invitations
 have not been sent. But the experience for the casual user would be much

 I agree that option 2 would result in mistakes.

 I'm leaning towards simpler in this case; I'm not sure invitations should
 be complicated. I think that option 1 strikes a balance between preventing
 mistakes and guiding the user through the process.

 Are there other users who could offer feedback on the current process?

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