[wp-hackers] Permalink Structure - Performance vs. SEO

Leo Baiano ljunior2005 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 01:59:37 UTC 2011

Sorry Lynne think I got it wrong what you said in another message and I agree
that siteswhose posts get updates with some frequency is not interesting to
put the date in the URL. Look, the more the topic grows more positive and
negative points appear on each structure.

Using the ID instead of DATE in the url I can include the date of update and
 maintaincontent on inside of you without updates we are compromising

2011/6/14 Lynne Pope <lynne.pope at gmail.com>

> On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 1:13 PM, Leo Baiano <ljunior2005 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Lynne, I think this sense that you speak of is very important to include
> > the
> > URL in the titleof the post (so the date to appear more visible in search
> > results) that in the URL. Know someone who usually put the date in the
> > title
> >  of their texts?
> >
> > See, people do not care if the date is in the URL, it is important to
> know
> > the date of thenews, the only way this information is more visible in the
> > URL that anywhere else on the page is if someone is only seeing the URL,
> > because frankly, when access to a newsURL is the last thing I'm paying
> >  attention.
> >
> No, I'm talking about the URL. If I see an URL like
> http://example.com/2006/11/06/great-wordpress-tricks I wouldn't bother
> going
> to that link. I would assume the article was written on 06/11/2006 and that
> it is no longer relevant. The problem with this is that some sites will
> post
> a series of posts with updated information. So, there might be
> http://example.com/2007/11/06/more-great-wordpress-tricks and
> http://example.com/2011/11/06/even-more-great-wordpress-tricks.
> BUT, on other sites, the 2006 post may be getting continually updated,
> keeping the content fresh and relevant. So,
> http://example.com/2006/11/06/great-wordpress-tricks might have been
> updated
> yesterday but the URL makes me think its  nearly five years old.  I don't
> think I am the only person who never bothers to visit URL's that come up in
> SERP's that look old.
> Lynne
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Leo Baiano

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