[wp-hackers] Plugin dependency checking

scribu scribu at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 20:00:39 GMT 2009

> Ideally, I think, in the Manage Plugins page, Spam Karma would have a
> little open/close control that would use Ajax to reveal/hide the
> sub-plugins.

That would be nice. The plugins page needs a restyling anyway.

> This same idea would work for your "dependent" plugins.  It's the same
> idea, just different wording.

Yes, it's the same concept: plugins that depend on a base / toolkit /
framework plugin.

I may submit a patch enabling that ability.  I'm pretty sure I can do the
> actual sub-plugin checking, but the Ajaxy stuff for the Admin is outside my
> area....

Sure would be nice to have at least a starting patch.

A new field in the plugin header would be nice:

Plugin Name: My Plugin
Depends On: Spam Karma, scbFramework

WP would check if each plugin in the list is installed and active and takes
care of the loading order.

After we got that working we could start on the user experience.


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