[wp-hackers] Simplicity in 2.next

Mattias Winther mattias at winthernet.se
Tue Feb 7 08:27:54 GMT 2006

This might have been discussed before, but another idea would be to allow for a more automatic installation process for the plugins in the central repository. Just switch to the extension browser, search for it, and click "install". The server downloads, places the files where they should be, and turns it on. Viola!

Typo3 at typo3.com uses that approach, and it is really nice to not have to download to desktop, upload to server and so forth... But maybe the Wordpress situation is different? If combined with the version checks, 
I imagine that would reduce the amount of support requests saying "Why can't I install plug-in X?". Then again, I'm new here, and I don't really know which support forum questions are the real common ones.



On Mon, 6 Feb 2006 18:22:24 -0700, Craig <nuclearmoose at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ryan said:
> "Plugins not in the wp-plugins repository simply won't get the developer
> attention that plugins that do reside in wp-plugin will get."
> Ryan,
> I don't disagree with your points at all, and certainly I like that there
> would be an advantage for plugins that are in the repository to get some
> developer-lovin', but part of this discussion is around trying to reduce
> some of the support issues on wordpress.org. Unless the support forums go
> the way of "official support only for repository-registered plugins" this
> won't reduce the traffic on the support forum.
> Not a simple issue, to be sure. Time to put the thinking cap back on and
> ponder this a bit more...
> Craig.
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