[wp-hackers] Multiple Enclosures, detecting enclosures

Matthew Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Fri Jul 29 02:04:07 GMT 2005

Chris Lott wrote:
> *MY* servers do-- the problem is that so many don't. And when the best
> free resource (important in educational circles) is ourmedia.org-- and
> THEY can't (or won't) figure it out-- it seems like a bigger problem.
> I also didn't ask to accommodate all possible media types, just the
> most common ones that are causing the most problems.

I think the problem with ourmedia/archive.org is that they serve up 
redirects usually, and we don't follow redirects. Anyone want to fix our 
code to follow up to 2 redirects (but no more as to not get stuck in a 

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