[wp-hackers] Multiple Enclosures, detecting enclosures

Luc Saint-Elie lstelie at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 06:06:40 GMT 2005

2005/7/28, Chris Lott <chris.lott at gmail.com>:
> Is the way that Wordpress creates multiple enclosures in its RSS feed
> (for example, multiple mp3 files using multiple custom fields with the
> "enclosure" key) non-standard or is Apple iTunes broken? I see the
> multiple enclosures in the feed when I examine it, but iTunes sees
> only the first one.

iTunes is not the most standard thing on earth but is not guilty on this point.

The specs says clearly that enclosure is an item level element, so one
enclosure by message (in the same way there is one title, one text,
one date  for a post... a multi-enclosures stuff makes as muche sense
than a multi-title or a multi-text thing.


See a Dave Vinner rant about this point :



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