[wp-hackers] Multiple Enclosures, detecting enclosures

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Fri Jul 29 01:03:55 GMT 2005

evah IChris Lott wrote:

>>As for detecting based on headers, I would stand by this as being the
>>best way because servers are supposed to send the right headers, and
>>its hard to account for all possible media types and all the different
>>ways servers may be broken. Honestly, if your server isn't sending the
>>right headers for simple media types like mp3, you're damn lucky its
>>up and running at all.
>*MY* servers do-- the problem is that so many don't. And when the best
>free resource (important in educational circles) is ourmedia.org-- and
>THEY can't (or won't) figure it out-- it seems like a bigger problem.
>I also didn't ask to accommodate all possible media types, just the
>most common ones that are causing the most problems.
>It would just be nice, I guess, if there were an option to help deal
>with things that are so commonly broken. Standing on principles is
>great, but results and working products are often useful too.
Yeah, I agree.  The major use for enclosures is podcasting.  The vast 
majority of podcasting is with mp3 files.  I think we can stand to 
compromise our principles here just a little bit, to ensure that .mp3 
media types are validly detected on poorly configured servers.  We can 
even put a comment in the code:  /* but next time do it RIGHT! */

Mark Jaquith
MCincubus @ #wordpress

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