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#19859: "Bulk Edit" Missing The Ability To Edit Tags
 Reporter:  ademos                    |       Owner:  marybaum
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Comment (by paaljoachim):

 Checking using WordPress 5.9.2
 Let's say that I bulk edit three posts that all have a common category
 These also uses the same tag "Fantasy" which are to be replaced.

 **Expectations based on quick editing one post.**
 I would expect when bulk editing these three posts to see the category
 "Books" checked and listed on the top of the categories list.  I would
 also expect to see the tag "Fantasy" in the Tags list. So that I could
 replace the tag "Fantasy" with "Scifi" and click the Update button and see
 all three posts with the "Scifi" tag.

 Currently bulk editing 2 or more posts does not show any checked
 categories or list any tags used. Both are blank. This breaks the
 consistency in comparison for quick editing a single post.


 I would suggest to first make bulk edit for two or more posts work. To
 where it is similar to quick edit of one post. Keeping the current method
 in place.

 - **Common shared categories are checked and (should be) listed at the top
 of the Categories list.** Unchecking and clicking Update will remove the
 unchecked categories from the bulk edited posts.

 - **Common shared tags are seen in the tags screen.** Removing either by
 clicking into and manually removing as can be done in Quick Edit or
 clicking the x inside the circle as I mocked up further above will remove
 tags from the bulk edited posts.

 I would say that consistency between Quick Edit and Bulk Edit is a very
 important aspect. As a user learns to use the Quick Edit there is the
 expectation that Bulk Edit would work the same way.

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