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#55485: Clarify `wp_should_load_separate_core_block_assets()`, `block.json` script
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 In the `block.json`
 schema], the `script` property is described as:

 > "Block type frontend and editor script definition. It will be enqueued
 both in the editor and when viewing the content on the front of the site."

 From that description, I expect the `script` set in my block's
 `block.json` to load in the editor and on the front-end when my block is
 in use. I do not expect the script to load on the front-end when my block
 is not in use.

 If I activate TwentyTwentyTwo, everything works as expected.

 If I activate TwentyTwentyOne, my script appears on every front-end view,
 whether or not the block is loaded.

 The cause of this can be tracked to
 `wp_should_load_separate_core_block_assets()`, which has a short
 description of:

 > Checks whether separate styles should be loaded for core blocks on-

 This implies at the beginning of the function documentation that the
 function will only apply to **core** blocks.

 The longer description helps a bit, but is muddied up in talking about
 core and third-party blocks separately when in reality it seems that they
 are treated the same. It mentions `block-library/style.css`, which itself
 implies this _might_ be talking about styles rather than all assets.

 The filter inside the function, `should_load_separate_core_block_assets`,
 defaults to `false` for themes that are not FSE and has a short
 description of:

 > Filters whether block styles should be loaded separately.

 The longer description refers only to "core block assets".

 == Proposal

 My guess is that we can't just change the filter to default to `true`,
 though that would be ideal. :)

 I think the function docs could be clarified with something like:

  * Checks whether block assets should always load or only on-render.
  * When this function returns true, block assets defined by the `script`
  * `style` properties in `block.json` are loaded on-render.
  * When this function returns false, these block assets are always loaded,
  * regardless of whether the block is rendered in a page.
  * This only affects front end and not the block editor screens.

 And the filter docs with something like:

  * Filters whether block assets should always load or load only on-render.
  * Returning false loads all block assets, regardless of whether they are
  * in a page or not. Returning true loads block assets only when they are

 Previously #53505

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