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#54939: When a block theme is active, add Site Editor link and notice to the
Customizer UI
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 Priority:  normal                               |   Milestone:  5.9.1
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Comment (by ironprogrammer):

 Thank you, everyone, for your input thus far!

 In light of the mentioned scenarios where an FSE theme user may need (or
 be instructed) to use the Customizer, and various other feedback
 generously supplied, I'd like to propose the following adjustments:

 - Change notice style to "info" (blue), rather than "warning" (yellow).
 This will help minimize implications that the user is doing anything
 wrong. More ℹī¸ and less ⚠ī¸!
 - Update wording to focus on "what we know" -- that is, ''indicate that
 the active theme supports FSE'', but make no other assumptions.
 - Simplify wording of the button. We might also consider the simpler, "Use
 Editor" to be consistent with the ''Appearance > Editor'' admin menu
 - Remove the expando tooltip "(?)" text update (commit cbf9a8e8). Let its
 existing content focus on Customizer, and limit strings changes.

 Our "refreshed" intent for these updates is to avoid making users feel
 like they're in the wrong place, and instead highlight the theme's FSE
 capability. This seems like a good compromise between training users to
 begin using the Site Editor for FSE-capable themes, while not discouraging
 legitimate work in the Customizer.

 Here is an updated comp reflecting what this might look like:

 [[Image(https://cldup.com/cEO4w5-Xpm.png, 50%)]]

 With regards to @Clorith's [#comment:21 latest note], other WordPress
 links to help content (particularly offsite content) are generally styled
 as text links. The decision to grant visual dominance to the Editor link
 was to enforce the action/habit we're trying to encourage with this

 But like you said, this will ultimately depend on design and copy feedback

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