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#54876: WP fails to recognize and use Imagick PHP 8 module on OpenLiteSpeed /
Litespeed Web Server
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Component:  Media         |     Version:  5.8.3
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Comment (by luboslives):

 Replying to [comment:3 ddegner]:

 I have an open ticket with LiteSpeed support where I've detailed what I
 dug up. They have their LSPHP guy looking into it but said it could take a

 According to your old report and my dnf uninstall, their version of the
 imagick module is 3.4.4, but only module 3.5+ supports PHP 8. They'll need
 to update it in their repo and make sure it's signed with the version

 In the meantime, what I've done, and what you can do is install PHP from
 the remi repository (if you're on a RHEL/CentOS distribution). You'll need
 to specify the modules you need as well as the `-php-litespeed` module.

 If you haven't installed remi repo:

 `dnf install http://rpms.remirepo.net/enterprise/remi-release-8.rpm`

 Edit `/etc/yum.repos.d/remi.repo` and set `enabled=1` so you don't have to
 specify `dnf --enablerepo=remi` every time you want to update the

 Here's everything I install for a WordPress site:

 `dnf install php80 php80-php-bcmath php80-php-common php80-php-gd php80
 -php-gmp php80-php-imap php80-php-intl php80-php-litespeed php80-php-
 mbstring php80-php-mysqlnd php80-php-pdo php80-php-pecl-imagick-im6 php80
 -php-process php80-php-soap php80-php-sodium php80-php-xml php80-php-pecl-

 Note that remi has different versions of the imagick module available, for
 the version of Image Magick you have installed on your system. Since the
 CentOS repos don't have v7 yet, I used `php80-php-pecl-imagick-im6` here.

 Next, all you need to do is change your external app in your server
 config. Edit lsphp80, and the only thing you need change is the Command
 field to `/usr/bin/lsphp80`. Restart the server and your Site Health
 report should come out clean with the latest version of the module.

 I'll post here if I hear anything from LiteSpeed support.

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