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#52894: Instantly index WordPress web sites content in Search Engines
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 Everyday Search Engines are crawling billions of WordPress URLs to
 maintain their search index fresh. They crawl to get the latest content,
 discover new outlinks or verify that URLs already indexed are still valid,
 not dead links. Unfortunately, Search Engines are generally inefficient at
 crawling, as they don’t know if the content has changed, and most web
 pages do not change often. Search engine crawling activity adds on to
 bandwidth and CPU consumption.\\

 At Microsoft Bing, we believe in a fundamental shift in how Search Engines
 learn about new, updated, deleted content across the web. Instead of
 crawling often to detect if content has changed; Content Management
 Systems should notify Search Engines of content change to limit crawling
 and have a fresh Search Index. To support this transformation, since
 February 2019, we offer URL and Content Submission API allowing Web Site
 owners to publish to Bing thousands to millions of URLs or Content per
 day; and since July 2020, we offer an WordPress plugin to submit content
 immediately to Bing’s search index, no code required. \\

 Today, we propose integrating in WordPress Core the ability to notify not
 only Bing, but also all participating Search Engines, of any WordPress URL
 or Content change. Microsoft to develop and maintain the open-source code
 in close collaboration with WordPress. WordPress to approve, validate and
 include code.\\

 Behind the scenes, WordPress will automatically submit URL or Content
 ensuring that the WordPress content is always fresh in the Search Engines;
 in exchange Search Engines will limit crawl or not crawl WordPress sites.
 Site owners will have the ability to opt-out or select the content they
 don’t want to submit to search engines.

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