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#54382: Finalise the Theme Editor admin menu item placement
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Comment (by hellofromTonya):

 * Need to restore the Theme Editor menu item under Appearance
 * Not opposed to renaming "Theme Editor" to "Theme File Editor" and
 "Plugin Editor" to "Plugin File Editor"
 * Strings need to be changed before Beta 3, as it's the soft string freeze

 Replying to [comment:27 audrasjb]:
 > I still think it was suboptimal to move an "Appearance" related screen
 to "Tools". It's not a good place for this feature.

 Replying to [comment:19 johnbillion]:
 >Moving existing menu items causes a burden for end users. The existing
 Theme Editor is not a feature we can retire just yet. Take a look at how
 real users customise their site and you'll see usage of the Theme Editor
 many times higher than us contributors would like to imagine. Moving this
 menu item creates an inconsistency when switching between FSE-enabled
 themes and existing themes, and it will place burden on end users who
 expect it to be where it always is and on support volunteers in the
 I think the Theme Editor menu item should be reinstated into its previous
 position under Appearance and be renamed Theme File Editor. As JB
 mentioned, for consistency the plugin equivalent can be renamed Plugin
 File Editor.

 I agree with @johnbillion. This menu item cannot be retired (yet) nor
 should it be relocated for the reasons he laid out. It should be
 reinstated to its original position.

 Replying to [comment:27 audrasjb]:
 > - rename "Theme Editor" to "Theme File Editor" (and "Plugin Editor" to
 "Plugin File Editor") to help users to differentiate the two submenus (we
 should not have two different features with the exact same submenu label,
 even if it's not under the same menu section)

 Renaming to add `File` could also be confusing/disruptive for/to existing
 workflows when switch between theme types.

 I don't find the original menu item naming to be confusing with "Editor
 <beta>" for site editor for existing users. New users may find it
 confusing, though clicking/activating either menu item clearly shows what
 each does. That said, I'm not opposed to the renaming, but it needs to be
 done before Beta 3 (soft string freeze).

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