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Tue Dec 7 15:25:20 UTC 2021

#54543: Updating Hello Dolly after upgrading 5.0.14 > 5.9.0 Beta 1 fails
 Reporter:  costdev                            |       Owner:
                                               |  hellofromTonya
     Type:  defect (bug)                       |      Status:  reviewing
 Priority:  normal                             |   Milestone:  5.9
Component:  Upgrade/Install                    |     Version:  trunk
 Severity:  normal                             |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  has-testing-info has-patch commit  |     Focuses:
Changes (by hellofromTonya):

 * keywords:  needs-testing has-testing-info has-patch => has-testing-info
     has-patch commit


 = Test Report

 * OS: macOS Big Sur
 * Localhost: Local and wp-env (tested on both)
 * Theme: TT1
 * Plugins: Beta Tester (activated), Akismet Anti-Spam (deactivated), Hello
 Dolly (deactivated)
 * Browser: Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox

 == Steps

 1. Upgraded to 5.9 nightly
 2. Made sure `wp-content/plugins/hello.php` file exists
 3. Opened the file and changed `Version` to `1.5` (this triggers the
 update notice)
 4. Go to Plugins interface
 5. Under Hello Dolly (in the "There is a new version of Hello Dolly
 available. View version 1.7.2 details or update now." message) click
 "update now" link
 6. Open filesystem viewer whether in your favorite IDE/editor or app like
 7. Navigate to `wp-content/plugins` folder

 Expected behavior:
 * `wp-content/plugins/hello.php` file is no longer there (removed)
 * `wp-content/plugins/hello-dolly` folder and its files are now there
 * In Plugins interface, Hello Dolly should show 1.7.2 as its version
 * No errors in the error or debug log

 8. Move `wp-content/plugins/hello-dolly/hello.php` file back to `wp-
 content/plugins` folder and delete the `wp-content/plugins/hello-dolly/`
 9. Change the version number again (like in step 3 above)
 10. Activate the plugin
 11. Update the plugin by clicking the "update now" link

 Expected behavior:
 * Same as above
 * And the plugin should remain activated

 == Test Results

 Worked as expected in all testing steps.

 Exception: Before and after applying the patch, I get a PHP Warning for
 `rename()` when using Local:

 [07-Dec-2021 15:07:54 UTC] PHP Warning:  rename(/var/tmp/hello-
 dolly.1.7.2-rbrmHB.tmp,hello-dolly.1.7.2.zip): Operation not permitted in
 ../app/public/wp-admin/includes/file.php on line 1201
 [07-Dec-2021 15:07:54 UTC] PHP Stack trace:
 [07-Dec-2021 15:07:54 UTC] PHP   1. {main}() ../app/public/wp-admin/admin-
 [07-Dec-2021 15:07:54 UTC] PHP   2. do_action() ../app/public/wp-admin
 [07-Dec-2021 15:07:54 UTC] PHP   3. WP_Hook->do_action() ../app/public/wp-
 [07-Dec-2021 15:07:54 UTC] PHP   4. WP_Hook->apply_filters() ../app/public
 [07-Dec-2021 15:07:54 UTC] PHP   5. wp_ajax_update_plugin() ../app/public
 [07-Dec-2021 15:07:54 UTC] PHP   6. Plugin_Upgrader->bulk_upgrade()
 [07-Dec-2021 15:07:54 UTC] PHP   7. Plugin_Upgrader->run() ../app/public
 [07-Dec-2021 15:07:54 UTC] PHP   8. Plugin_Upgrader->download_package()
 [07-Dec-2021 15:07:54 UTC] PHP   9. download_url() ../app/public/wp-
 [07-Dec-2021 15:07:54 UTC] PHP  10. rename() ../app/public/wp-

 This warning is not related to the patch in this ticket.

 The warning does not appear when using wp-env.

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