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#54504: Update Requests library to version 2.0.0
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Comment (by azaozz):

 Replying to [comment:33 costdev]:
 > I'm not sure if this is the right place...

 I'm pretty sure it is not. But as you started it, I'll have to answer your
 questions :)
 I'll be happy to continue this conversation somewhere else at a later

 > In terms of going against best practice, that really comes down to a
 more general issue. You can write poorly self-documenting code with or
 without namespaces, or you can write well self-documenting code with or
 without namespaces.

 Right, you can. However having a guarantee that your function or class
 name will "never" collide with anything is not a good "incentive" to try
 to come up with a good name. On the opposite, I've been hearing from many
 people over many years that one of the hardest part of coding is ...
 picking good descriptive names. My experience over the last 25 or so years
 is the same :)

 > the contemporary standard is to namespace, and that's true across
 multiple languages.

 Yeah, namespacing seems to be used more and more (probably because you can
 easily pick repeating names with it, lol). It doesn't mean it is a good
 idea in all cases. It seems to be more useful/accepted in a "pure" OOP
 software (which is most of it), however WP is not OOP by a long shot.
 Namespacing for "mostly functions" doesn't seem to work that well.

 > Best practice for the survival of open source software has ''always''
 been to respect:

 Yes, you're right. However thinking this is getting very "philosophical".
 Whether recommending or not recommending one (mostly insignificant)
 feature does not affect any of it imho. It is just a recommendation after

 On the other hand WP will never be able to implement namespacing to most
 of the PHP code as it will break it pretty badly. So having some parts
 with namespaces while most of the code is without is somewhat.... not that
 good? :)

 > Joomla, Drupal, etc. implement namespacing, as do most other similar
 open source software projects. While we are not those projects, we have a
 much larger reach and therefore rely even more heavily on a strong
 contributor base. Namespaces are only one contemporary standard, but
 dropping them sets a precedent for dropping other contemporary standards
 and in turn, threatens the size of our contributor base.

 Not talking about dropping, but pretty much all of the current WP PHP code
 cannot be namespaced (technically not viable). On top of that namespaces
 do not promote better names. There can be requirements to "ignore" the
 namespacing and still try to give good, descriptive, unique names to all
 functions, but eventually these will be avoided or diminish in importance
 because that's one of the main features of namespacing: to let you get
 avay with repeating names :)

 > In any case, the topic of namespacing within Requests was discussed

 That may be but it seems problematic to develop a library as part of
 WordPress and not take under consideration the established best practices
 and requirements for WordPress, whether that was discussed somewhere or
 not. Frankly this is the first time I'm hearing about it and I'm pretty
 sure it's the same for many other committers.

 So in a hindsight: if namespaces cannot be added to WordPress is it a good
 idea to add them to a WordPress library? Perhaps it is but it would need
 (at least) a good standard of what function and class names are acceptable
 and what are not. And all of the community should be aware of it.

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