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#37011: Don’t link custom logo if it’s displayed on the front page
 Reporter:  FlorianBrinkmann                    |       Owner:  joedolson
     Type:  enhancement                         |      Status:  reopened
 Priority:  highest omg bbq                     |   Milestone:  5.5
Component:  Themes                              |     Version:  4.6
 Severity:  blocker                             |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  has-patch has-dev-note 2nd-opinion  |     Focuses:
                                                |  accessibility

Comment (by johnstonphilip):

 Why should the logo not be a link to the homepage if you're on the
 homepage? There are a few good reasons why it should be a link even if
 you're on that page:

 1. The user might not know if they are actually on your homepage, and thus
 will want to click the logo to be sure, as it's [become
 standard-for-a-website-logo-to-navigate-to-the-home-page) that it links to
 the homepage.

 2. If you want to copy the link to a website, right clicking on the logo
 and copying the link is (arguably) easier than selecting the URL in the
 address bar, especially on certain mobile browsers and browsers like
 Safari, which hide the full URL in the address bar by default.

 3. As I mentioned, this is a well-known convention that has existed for a
 long time, and changing it in this way without any provided UX research as
 justification seems a bit unusual. Having it not be a link on your
 homepage only breaks the consistency of the element and user-expectation.

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