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#43933: Make the Privacy Policy page intro text shorter and more friendly
 Reporter:  iandunn         |       Owner:  (none)
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Comment (by iandunn):

 Personally, I feel like there may be two issues with the current text:

 === Length/Intrusion ===

 Aside from the (WXR) `Export` screen, there aren't any other screens in
 Core that have lengthy intros. Most have no text, and a few have 1 short
 sentence. With the `Export` screen, the text explains ''how to use the
 tool'', rather than ''why it should be used''.

 I can see an argument for why this situation may be different, but the
 current approach and wording still feels a bit too verbose and intrusive
 to me, cluttering the page with documentation.

 I'm wondering if there are better ways to achieve the goal of making sure
 the user knows what they need to. Maybe the majority of the text can be
 moved to a `Help` tab, and then a short intro sentence can be added that
 explains the very bare minimum, with a link to open the tab to learn more.

 Here's an example of how that might look:



 === Tone ===

 The tone of the text doesn't feel entirely consistent with how the
 WordPress project typically tries to communicate with users. It feels kind
 of heavy-handed, like we're pushing the user to do what we want them to
 do, rather than offering them a tool to do what they want to do.

 If we do want to promote an agenda, I feel like it should be done as a
 gentle encouragement, rather than a stern warning. We can focus on the
 positive aspects -- how a transparent privacy policy can help to build
 trust with users, and make them feel safe and informed -- rather than the
 negative -- what legal obligations the site owner may have. I think the
 `About > Freedoms` screen provides a good example.

 Here's a very rough draft on what I think might be a better approach:

 > Creating a privacy policy helps your visitors understand what data you
 collect about them, and how it's used. A transparent policy can help them
 feel safe and informed, and also build trust between you and them.


 I'd love to get some input from @melchoyce on the all of the above, as
 well as @idea15, @allendav, @azaozz, and anyone else who has any thoughts.

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