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#27159: Removing TinyMCE buttons to improve user experience
 Reporter:  hugobaeta    |       Owner:  hugobaeta
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  4.7
Component:  TinyMCE      |     Version:  3.8
 Severity:  normal       |  Resolution:
 Keywords:               |     Focuses:  ui, administration
Changes (by celloexpressions):

 * keywords:  needs-user-testing =>


 As I've stated several times on this ticket, we can talk in circles for
 years on this. The reasons behind making changes are to improve semantics,
 which in turn improves the end-user experience with content, particularly
 around accessibility. I don't see any reasonable way that we could do user
 testing here without any bias. WordPress should make the tools that
 provide the best experience of content for visitors the most prominent.
 Switching the placement of headings with alignment buttons absolutely
 works toward that goal.

 If the center-align button is the 3rd-most-used, I can only guess that
 switching the location of the format select and alignment buttons would
 cause actual headings to be used where center-aligning is currently being
 used for, again guessing here, either "headings" or "blockquotes." If
 there were a semantic meaning for the center-align button, what would it
 be used for? Do we have any information of how it's being used, if it is
 in fact the 3rd-most-used button? Where are these stats from, is there
 potentially a bias there? I don't see a clear argument for keeping
 alignment buttons this prominent.

 We need to make a decision here. I'm in favor of encouraging more semantic
 markup, and based on previous discussion in the design meeting, it sounded
 like there is generally a consensus around most of what's in

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