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#32845: Introduce wp_include()
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Comment (by ericmann):

 Actually, I spec'd out a similar patch when we first discussed feature
 plugins as a path forward for core.

 Think of it this way: often we want to test a larger refactoring of core
 that doesn't lend itself to hooking in with actions and filters. Case-in-
 point, I had to completely subclass override _the entire class_ to set up
 my Secure XMLRPC feature plugin. It works, but it means the plugin as it
 stands now merely _emulates_ how the new feature would work in core.

 If includes were modular, then feature plugins could replace entire core
 files with potential release candidates. When we're ready to fold things
 in to core, it's a matter of moving the file from the plugin into core.
 _Much_ faster and more efficient.

 Do I see this as a new way to build plugins for general use? Probably not.
 Do I see this as a way people can hack core without hacking core?

 Remember, despite our best efforts, not every feature is fully abstracted
 with actions and filters ...

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