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#32845: Introduce wp_include()
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 I'm all in favor of taking steps toward a more decoupled WordPress. But
 given WP's current filesystem design, which is pretty haphazard, per-file
 overrides seem like a pretty bad way to accomplish it. Introducing a
 filter like this today will tie our hands a lot in the future. What if we
 decide, say, that a function in `category-template.php` should be moved to
 `taxonomy.php`? Plugins that are overriding `category-template.php` will
 get a fatal error due to a redefined function, while those overriding
 `taxonomy.php` will be missing the function altogether.

 A truly modular WordPress would be designed for decoupling. Currently, we
 aren't. We should work toward that before allowing people to turn off
 arbitrary parts of the system.

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