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#32101: Ability to mark plugin as unmanaged
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Comment (by jdgrimes):

 Replying to [comment:11 khromov]:
 > Great idea, but I echo what Joost said about plugins with custom update
 endpoints needing to still be able to piggyback on the update process
 somehow without complicating the current way it's done. (Thus breaking
 existing custom updaters.)

 A while ago a created a
 fork of the plugin update code] for a plugin. Instead of hard-coding the
 handling of requests based on a single remote URL and API, I abstracted
 the code in such a way that it is remote API agnostic. All that is needed
 to receive updates from a given URL is to set the `Channel` header like
 this: `Channel: wordpress.org`. The channel can have whatever kind of API
 it wants, but for non-standard APIs you have to have the code installed
 that will handle them. This is similar to how custom update APIs are
 handled now, except that instead your custom code only needs to worry
 about interacting with the remote channel, not hooking into WordPress all
 over the place. Parts of it could probably be merged back into WordPress
 without breaking back-compat.

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