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#16337: TwentyTen Theme: Container/Content Implementation
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Changes (by WraithKenny):

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 * resolution:   => invalid


 No, keeping existing behavior because it might break existing
 implementations doesn't make the original idea better, but the quality of
 the original idea is irrelevant. (In fact, there still may be a reason
 that this CSS is used; no one has asked the designer). But Breaking
 Existing Sites so that your job is easier is the worst kind of idea.

 The easy "Fix" is to simply change the CSS in your own child-theme/mod.
 This is built in functionality and standard practice and one of the
 simplest tasks in Theme writing.

 #container {
         float: left;
         width: 680px;
         margin: 0px;
 #content {
         margin: 0 20px;

 Add that to the child and it'll over-ride the offending code.

 About my client example; I have no idea if I wrote CSS that would break if
 this was adjusted, but the possibility exists (I'd have to spend a lot of
 time examining several live sites before updating, as would countless
 others). It defeats the idea that you can update a parent theme without
 breaking your child theme, which did in fact happen when I updated
 Thematic (and it really sucked).

 Since this is merely a "preferred style" of writing CSS and not in any way
 an actual bug, there's no actual bug to fix. Hopefully, if the author
 didn't have a legitimate reason (he may have) for this CSS, he'll use your
 suggested methods in his next theme, thereby "striving for perfection" in
 a responsible way.

 P.S. I have a beard.

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