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#16397: Selecting Sub-Category should select parent category.
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 The default has been that querying the posts in a category queries posts
 in all subcategories. But there is a difference between being implicitly
 in a category (due to heritage) and being explicitly in a category (due to
 user selection). If we checked all parent categories, the distinction
 between implicit and explicit would be lost.

 Consider the hierarchy A > B > C > D. If selecting D selects C, B, and A,
 a user would have to deselect four boxes to remove a category from D. Or
 if you do that for them, the interface becomes twitchy when they want a
 category to be in B and D, but not A and C. People would also suddenly
 have a lot more categories be shown on their entries — categories they had
 previously just used as containers.

 Real life example: I have Tech, with subcategories WordPress, Photography,
 and Apple. Tech is for general tech stuff. If it relates to WordPress,
 Photography, or Apple, I put it in that (but do not select Tech). All four
 categories' content shows up when browsing to category/tech/. If Tech were
 automatically selected when I selected WordPress, all WordPress posts
 would say: "Categories: Tech, WordPress" It's redundant information. And
 it's not how I categorized it. In the above example, every D post would
 say: "Categories: A, B, C, D." Every C would say "Categories: A, B, C." If
 you want a breadcrumb display, you should do that specifically, not have
 the category system dump every parent in the list along with the explicit
 category selections.

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