[wp-trac] [WordPress Trac] #15769: WordPress ships with copyrighted "Hello Dolly" lyrics which could potentially terminate the GNU GPL of the package

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#15769: WordPress ships with copyrighted "Hello Dolly" lyrics which could
potentially terminate the GNU GPL of the package
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     Type:  defect (bug)      |      Status:  reopened
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Component:  General           |     Version:  3.0.2
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Comment (by jeremyclarke):

 +100 to nkuttlers ticket.

 Not only does it solve this problem completely, it does so in an
 ABSOLUTELY relvant way. Stallman is not a good singer but that song should
 make any Free Software lover warm deep inside, and for people not familiar
 song can teach them what it's all about.

 If we want something "that symbolizes the hope and enthusiasm of an entire
 generation" then we have it! A perfect song to build into the plugin that
 not only represents WordPress and its principles but also exemplifies the
 open culture movement which is intrinsically linked with free software.

 I think Hello Dolly violates copyright law in the USA and Canada if not
 most other WIPO-involved countries. We don't have a right to use the song
 in our code and we have no reason to do so. The passion many people above
 show for defending WordPress is commendible, but the fact is that there
 simply is no fair use justification for the plugin as it currently exists.
 It's not the end of the world, but it is a violation and there's no reason
 to keep it around if we can use another song instead.

 ASIDE from whether we have permission to use Hello Dolly or not we should
 all abhor the idea of including non-free culture inside WP. There are
 thousands of amazing songs that are in the public domain or use Creative
 Commons or GFDL licenses. We should be promoting songs like that and their
 authors, rather than taking a risk by including a song who's owner doesn't
 understand free culture and the principles of sharing and working

 Hello Dolly is an unnacceptable risk for WP to continue taking and
 nkuttler's patch solves the entire problem going forward. To ignore it
 would indicate to me a serious disconnect between the core committers and
 the free software/free culture movement, as well as an unnecessary bluster
 for legal risk-taking.

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